Trauma or Critical Illness Cover

Provides a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a major illness such as cancer, heart problems or a stroke.

Suffering a major illness such as cancer, a heart attack or stroke creates chaos in both your home and work environment; as well as doubt and fear for the future.

Trauma cover levels selected by clients tend to vary; some choose a sum which would allow them to completely repay all of their outstanding debts, although even a small lump paid to you at such a time goes a long way in terms of relieving at least the financial stress, which can in itself make a significant difference to your recovery time.

A limited form of trauma cover, covering conditions such as major head trauma, is also available for young children – some insurers will also offer free cover to children if either parent has their own cover.

Severity Based Trauma Cover

Payments are based on the severity of a traumatic major illnesses, the more serious it is, the greater the payment. It generally provides cheaper premium and could be a greater choice and flexibility, both as complementary cover and an alternative to traditional insurance products.

Continually Trauma Cover

Some Trauma products allow you the ability to claim up to 5 times on traumatic major illnesses, this does come with an increase in price due to the claim ability.

These products can all be accelerated or stand-alone off the Life Cover.

What are Stepped Premiums and Level Premiums?

Stepped Premiums
Increase annually as you get older, but usually start cheaper.
To cover short or medium term needs.
Level Premiums
Don't increase as you get older but usually start higher.
To cover long term needs.

The plan details will vary from insurance company, please refer to the policy wording of the cover.

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